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Sacred Landscape of the Himalaya

ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3109-0 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3367-4
Subject Area: Asian Studies
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Sacred Landscape of the Himalaya: Contents

Preface page 7

Axel Michaels
The Sacredness of (Himalayan) Landscapes page 13

Marc Dujardin
Demolition and re-erection in contemporary Rukubji, Bhutan: Building as cyclical renewal and spatial mediation page 19

Ada Gansach
Expressions of diversity: a comparative study of descriptions of village space in ritual processions in three villages of North West Nepal page 39

John Harrison
KingsĀ“ castles and sacred squares: the founding of Lo Monthang page 55

Reinhard Herdick
The spatial order of the area of Yangthang and its affiliated monastery Ridzong in Ladakh page 67

Amandus Vanquaille and Hilde Vets
Lamayuru: The symbolic architecture of light page 85

Franz-Karl Ehrhard
Pilgrims in search of sacred lands page 95

Kim Gutschow and Niels Gutschow
A landscape dissolved: Households, fields, and irrigation in Rinam, Northwest India page 11

William Sax
Divine kingdoms in the Central Himalayas page 177

Niels Gutschow and Charles Ramble
Up and down, inside and outside: notions of space and territory in Tibetan villages of Mustang page 137

Contributors page 195

Notes on the transcription of Tibetan terms page 196

Glossary of Tibetan Words page 197

References page 201

Index page 209