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Sacred Landscape of the Himalaya

ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3109-0 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3367-4
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Sacred Landscape of the Himalaya: Contents

Preface 7

Axel Michaels
The Sacredness of (Himalayan) Landscapes 13

Marc Dujardin
Demolition and re-erection in contemporary Rukubji, Bhutan: Building as cyclical renewal and spatial mediation 19

Ada Gansach
Expressions of diversity: a comparative study of descriptions of village space in ritual processions in three villages of North West Nepal 39

John Harrison
KingsĀ“ castles and sacred squares: the founding of Lo Monthang 55

Reinhard Herdick
The spatial order of the area of Yangthang and its affiliated monastery Ridzong in Ladakh 67

Amandus Vanquaille and Hilde Vets
Lamayuru: The symbolic architecture of light 85

Franz-Karl Ehrhard
Pilgrims in search of sacred lands 95

Kim Gutschow and Niels Gutschow
A landscape dissolved: Households, fields, and irrigation in Rinam, Northwest India 11

William Sax
Divine kingdoms in the Central Himalayas 177

Niels Gutschow and Charles Ramble
Up and down, inside and outside: notions of space and territory in Tibetan villages of Mustang 137

Contributors 195

Notes on the transcription of Tibetan terms 196

Glossary of Tibetan Words 197

References 201

Index 209