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A. Hirtl - J. Marton - E. Widmann - J. Zmeskal Austrian Academy of Sciences

EXA05 International Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics

ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3616-3 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3624-8
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
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Titelei page I
doi: 10.1553/exa05sI

A. Hirtl - J. Marton - E. Widmann - J. Zmeskal
EXA05 International Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics: Contents page V
doi: 10.1553/exa05sV

Foreword page XI
doi: 10.1553/exa05sXI

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 1
doi: 10.1553/exa05s1

P. Kienle
Exotische Atome: Rosen aus dem Blumengarten der subatomaren Physik page 3
doi: 10.1553/exa05s3

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 21
doi: 10.1553/exa05s21

T. Yamazaki
Overview: Deeply bound nuclear states of pions and kaons page 23
doi: 10.1553/exa05s23

W. Weise
Deeply bound meson-nuclear states: Theoretical concepts and strategies page 35
doi: 10.1553/exa05s35

Y. Akaishi
Kaonic helium atoms in relation to kaonic nuclear bound states page 45
doi: 10.1553/exa05s45

A. Doté
Strange tribaryons as ¯K-mediated dense nuclear systems page 55
doi: 10.1553/exa05s55

M. Iwasaki
Kaonic deeply bound states, the first experimental results page 63
doi: 10.1553/exa05s63

N. Herrmann
Search for ppnK− deeply bound states with FOPI page 73
doi: 10.1553/exa05s73

K. Suzuki
Proton induced reactions in search for kaonic nuclear clusters page 83
doi: 10.1553/exa05s83

T. Nagae
K−pp search with FINUDA page 91
doi: 10.1553/exa05s91

S. Wycech
K fragments page 101
doi: 10.1553/exa05s101

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 105
doi: 10.1553/exa05s105

L. M. Simons
Precision determination of the strong interaction shift and width in pionic hydrogen page 107
doi: 10.1553/exa05s107

U. Meißner
Hadronic atoms in effective field theory and related aspects page 117
doi: 10.1553/exa05s117

T. E. O. Ericson
Isospin violation in threshold πN scattering page 129
doi: 10.1553/exa05s129

J. Zmeskal
Precision measurements with kaonic atoms – from DEAR to SIDDHARTA page 139
doi: 10.1553/exa05s139

K. Itahashi
Spectroscopy of pionic atoms with unstable nuclei page 149
doi: 10.1553/exa05s149

M. Zhabitsky
DIRAC latest results page 155
doi: 10.1553/exa05s155

D. Gotta
Light pionic atoms – perspectives for precision experiments page 165
doi: 10.1553/exa05s165

S. Wycech
The physical interest in Kd and ¯pd atoms page 175
doi: 10.1553/exa05s175

A. Ivanov
Recent theoretical studies on hadronic atoms page 183
doi: 10.1553/exa05s183

B. Borasoy
Low-energy K¯N interactions page 193
doi: 10.1553/exa05s193

T. Ishiwatari
Measurement of kaonic nitrogen X-ray lines using the gaseous target at DAΦNE page 203
doi: 10.1553/exa05s203

T. Jensen
Kinetics of atomic cascade in pionic hydrogen page 209
doi: 10.1553/exa05s209

T. Koike
Electron population during the cascade of kaonic nitrogen atoms page 215
doi: 10.1553/exa05s215

M. Trassinelli
Hyperfine structure in pionic atoms: relativistic calculation page 221
doi: 10.1553/exa05s221

C. Scheidenberger
Measurement of a branching ratio of bound and continuum-state β− decay page 229
doi: 10.1553/exa05s229

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 227
doi: 10.1553/exa05s227

C. J. G. Onderwater
Direct measurement of charged particle EDMs page 239
doi: 10.1553/exa05s239

S. Paul
Selected aspects of neutron decay page 249
doi: 10.1553/exa05s249

B. Lauss
New precision determination of gp and GF : the MuXperiments at PSI page 259
doi: 10.1553/exa05s259

G. M Marshall
New measurements of muon decay from TWIST page 269
doi: 10.1553/exa05s269

H. Imao
Study of ortho-para effects on muonic-atomic and muonic-molecular processes in dd-μCF page 279
doi: 10.1553/exa05s279

R. Pohl
The muonic hydrogen Lamb shift experiment page 285
doi: 10.1553/exa05s285

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 291
doi: 10.1553/exa05s291

H. Lenske
Probing the nuclear medium by antiprotons page 293
doi: 10.1553/exa05s293

A. Trzci´nska
Antiprotonic atoms X rays page 303
doi: 10.1553/exa05s303

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 311
doi: 10.1553/exa05s311

M. Cargnelli
Silicon drift detectors for hadronic atom research - SIDDHARTA page 313
doi: 10.1553/exa05s313

H. Orth
PANDA detector system page 321
doi: 10.1553/exa05s321

N. Kuroda
Ultra-slow antiproton beam line – MUSASHI I page 333
doi: 10.1553/exa05s333

N. Kuroda
Ultra-slow antiproton beam line – MUSASHI II page 336
doi: 10.1553/exa05s336

M. Trassinelli
Characterization of the geometry of an array of CCD pixel detectors page 343
doi: 10.1553/exa05s343

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 349
doi: 10.1553/exa05s349

W. Oelert
Overview antiproton physics page 351
doi: 10.1553/exa05s351

N. E. Mavromatos
CPT violation: Theory and phenomenology page 361
doi: 10.1553/exa05s361

R. S. Hayano
Overview of the ASACUSA program page 373
doi: 10.1553/exa05s373

G. Bonomi
Recent results from ATHENA page 383
doi: 10.1553/exa05s383

V. I. Korobov
Precise spectroscopy of antiprotonic helium and sensitivity of transitions to the antiproton mass page 391
doi: 10.1553/exa05s391

D. Bakalov
Hyperfine structure of the spectrum of ultracold HD+ ions page 401
doi: 10.1553/exa05s401

B. Juhász
Indication of the Wigner threshold law in collisions between antiprotonic helium and hydrogenic molecules page 407
doi: 10.1553/exa05s407

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 413
doi: 10.1553/exa05s413

S. Sawada
Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex - J-PARC - page 415
doi: 10.1553/exa05s415

A. Gallo
DAΦNE upgrade at LNF-INFN page 423
doi: 10.1553/exa05s423

N. Kawamura
Muon science in J-PARC page 433
doi: 10.1553/exa05s433

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Zwischenblatt page 437
doi: 10.1553/exa05s437

C. Schwarz
FAIR: The GSI future project page 439
doi: 10.1553/exa05s439

U. Wiedner
Hadron physics at FAIR - the PANDA antiproton experiment page 445
doi: 10.1553/exa05s445

L. Fabbietti
The Antiproton Ion Collider at FAIR page 451
doi: 10.1553/exa05s451

E. Widmann
FLAIR, a Facility for Low-energy Antiproton and Ion Research page 459
doi: 10.1553/exa05s459