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Richard Corradini - Rob Meens - Christina Pössel - Philip Shaw

Texts and Identities in the Early Middle Ages

ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3747-4 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-3806-8

Table of contents 5

Vorwort der Herausgeber 9

Mayke de Jong - Rosamond McKitterick - Walter Pohl - Ian Wood
Introduction 11

Bart Jaski
Aeneas and Fénius: a classical case of mistaken identity 15

Andrew Merrills
Comparative histories: the Vandals, the Sueves and Isidore of Seville 35

Benjamin Cornford
Paul the Deacon´s understanding of identity, his attitude to barbarians, and his "strategies of distinction" in the Historia Romana 47

Emma Beddoe
Memory and identity in Flodoard of Reims: his use of the Roman past 61

Gerda Heydemann
Zur Gestaltung der Rolle Brunhildes in merowingischer Historiographie 71

Helmut Reimitz
The art of truth. Historiography and identity in the Frankish world 87

Maximilian Diesenberger
Dissidente Stimmen zum Sturz Tassilos III 105

Richard Corradini
Die Annales Fuldenses - Identitätskonstruktionen im ostfränkischen Raum am Ende der Karolingerzeit 121

Bernhard Zeller
Liudolfinger als fränkische Könige? Überlegungen zur sogenannten Continuatio Reginonis 137

Ewan Johnson
Origin myths and the construction of medieval identities: Norman chronicles 1000-1100 153

Marianne Pollheimer
Wie der jung weiß die alten gedachtnus insonders lieb het - Maximilian I., Jakob Mennel und die frühmittelalterliche Geschichte der Habsburger in der "Fürstlichen Chronik" 165

Pascal Bertrand
Shaping authority and identity: Saint Antony and his followers in early monastic texts 177

Adriaan Gaastra
Penitentials and canonical authority 191

Karl R. Giesriegel
Autorität, Chronologie und Gesetzgebung. Königskataloge in fränkischen Leges-Handschriften 205

Carine van Rhijn
Priests and the Carolingian reforms: the bottlenecks of local correctio 219

Jasmijn Bovendeert
Royal or monastic identity? Smaragdus´ Via regia and Diadema monachorum reconsidered 239

Christina Pössel
Authors and recipients of Carolingian capitularies, 779-829 253

Rob Meens
The sanctity of the basilica of St. Martin. Gregory of Tours and the practice of sanctuary in the Merovingian period 275

Els Rose
Fasting flocks. Lenten season in the liturgical communities of early medieval Gaul 289

Janneke Raaijmakers
Memory and identity: the Annales necrologici of Fulda 303

Irene van Renswoude
Time is on our side: luturgical time and political history in the Chronicle of Lobbes 323

Philip Shaw
Hair and heathens: picturing pagans and the Carolingian connection in the Exeter Book and Beowulf-manuscript 343

Ann Christys
"How can I trust you, since you are a Christian and I am a Moor?" The multiple identities of the Chronicle of Pseudo-Isidore 359

Peter Erhart
Contentiones inter monachos - Ethnische und politische Identität in monastischen Gemeinschaften des Frühmittelalters 373

Owen M. Phelan
The Carolingian renewal and Christian formation in ninth century Bavaria 389

Thomas Lienhard
De I´intéret d´une identité ethnique: les chefs slaves et la Chrétienté d´aprés la Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum 401

Abbreviations 413

Bibliography / Primary sources 415

Literature 427