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Richard Gray - Waldemar Zacharasiewicz

Transatlantic Exchanges: The American South in Europe - Europe in the American South

ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-3954-6 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-6778-5
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Preliminaries 1

Table of contents 5

Acknowledgement 9

Richard Gray - Waldemar Zacharasiewicz
Introduction 11

Separator page - Faulkner and Wolfe

Lothar Hönnighausen
European Culture in Southern Literature: Thomas Wolfe and William Faulkner 33

Peter Lurie
The French Faulkner: Visibility, Absence and Sanctuary's "Lake of Ink" 51

Dieter Meindl
Modernist Novellas: European Reflections on Thomas Wolfe's Short Novels 69

Separator page - European Reception and Perspectives 89

Peter Nicolaisen
Thomas Jefferson's Conflicting Views of Europe 91

Hans Skei
Southern Literature in Northlight: 20th Century Southern Writers in Norwegian Translation: Reception, Reputation, Affinities 103

Waldemar Zacharasiewicz
Antecedents and Trajectories of Two Twentieth-Century Writers from Georgia in Europe 115

Separator page - African American Perspectives 135

Paul Giles
Hemispheric Parallax: Zora Neale Hurston and the Triangulation of Race 137

Sharon Monteith
How Bigger Mutated: Richard Wright, Boris Vian, and "The bloody paths through which we push logic into dread" 149

Charles R. Wilson
Richard Wright's Pagan Spain: reading Spain through the American South 167

Separator page - Reimaging the South from a European Perspective 179

Susan-Mary Grant
A Study in scarlett O'Hara? The South in the Writings of Arthur Conan Doyle 181

Rosella Mamoli Zorzi
"The Formidable Question": James's Transatlantic View of the South 207

Nahem Yousaf
A Southern Sheriff's Revenge: Bertrand Taverbier's Coup de Torchon 221

Separator page - Welty and Percy 239

Richard Gray
A Narrative Room of One's Own: Eudora Welty's The Robber Bridgegroom and European Fairy Tale 241

Dawn Trouard
The Promiscuous Joy of Eudora Welty: Missing Bowen in Mississippi 257

Arno Heller
Walkner Percy and eric Voegelin's Political Philosophy 277

Separator page - The French Connection 291

Owen Robinson
City of Exiles: Unstable Narratives of New Orleans in George Washington Cable's Old Creole Days 293

Helen Taylor
Paris and New Orleans: The Transatlantic Cultural Legacy of Prostitution 309

Jacques Pothier
France and the American South: Transatlantic Misreading and Mythmaking 335

Separator page - Nineteenth-Century Relations 347

Theo D'Haen
Don Quixote on the Mississippi: Twain's Modernities 349

Jan Nordby Gretlund
Mark Twain Abroad 363

Richard J. Ellis
"Whatever the law permits": Hannah Craft's The Bondwoman's Narrative 377

Separator page - Faulkner 395

Barbara Ladd
"Les Amis Myriades et Anonymes à la France de tout le Monde": Créolité and Empire, Difference and indifference, in William Faulkner's A Fable 397

Noel Polk
War and Modernism in Faulkner's A fable 409

Karl F. Zender
William Faulkner, New Orleans, and Europe 419

Separator page - Cultural and Capital Exchange 437

James C. Cobb
Cavaliers and Capitalists: The Transatlantic South from Mercantilism to Mercedes 439

Martin Crawford
Old South/New Britain: Cotton, Capitalism, and Anglo-Southern Relations in the Civil War Era 455

Walter Edgar
European Influence on Pre-Civil War Southern Culture: The Case of South Carolina 473

Don H. Doyle
The South in the Age of Nationalism 491

Separator page - Mountain and Folk Culture 501

Sarah Robertson
The Green, Green Hills of Home: Mining in the Fiction of Appalachia and Wales 503

Barbara Ching
Happily Ever after in the Marketplace: The Ballads of the Southern Mountains and the Escape from Old Europe 519

Jill Terry
Transatlantic Folk Exchanges in 1959 - the Revival Year 533

Separator page - Postwar Fictions 549

Robert Brinkmeyer
Slavery Old and New: Styron's Sophie's Choice 551

Suzanne W. Jones
Black Girl in Paris: Shay Youngblodd's Escape from "the last plantation" 563

A. Robert Lee
Black South, Black Europe: William Demby 579

List of Contributors 597