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Günter Kargl - Norbert I. Kömle - Andrew J. Ball - Ralph D. Lorenz

Penetrometry in the Solar System II

Silberne Reihe
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-6531-6 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-6664-1
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
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Table of Contents

R.D. Lorenz - P. Coste
Preface page 1

P. Coste - L. Richter
Soil penetration analysis of mole penetrometers: Reflections on a methodology considering the physics of sands page 3

E. Kaufmann - G. Kargl - N.I. Kömle - M. Treffer - J. Biele - S. Ulamec - M. Engelhardt - J. Romstedt
Alternative methods to penetrate ice layers page 19

K. Seweryn - J. Grygorczuk - M. Banaszkiewicz
Micro-scale modelling of the interaction of a penetrator with a granular medium page 35

W. Marczewski - B. Usowicz - B. Dabrowski - R. Wawrzaszek - K. Seweryn - E. Sendek - N.I. Kömle - G. Kargl
On the use of the Fourier number to interpret thermal measurements with a quasi–linear heat source page 57

Y. Gao - M.N. Sweeting - S. Eckersley - J.F.V. Vincent
A “micro” concept for a planetary penetrator & drill package page 83

J. Grygorczuk - M. Banaszkiewicz - G. Kargl - N.I. Kömle - A.J. Ball - K. Seweryn
Use of hammering to determine cometary nucleus mechanical properties page 93

A. Hagermann - S. Tanaka - Y. Saito
Thermal measurements on penetrators: geometry, sensitivity and optimisation issues page 109

E.C. Baldwin - E.A. Taylor - A.J. Ball - K.R. Atkinson
Initial results from hydrocode modelling of the impact of SMART–1 on the lunar surface page 123

G. Kargl - A. Zöhrer - N.I. Kömle - E. Kaufmann
Reconstruction of grain size distributions from quasi–static soil penetrometry experiments page 133

R.D. Lorenz - G. Kargl - A.J. Ball - J.C. Zarnecki - M.C. Towner - M.R. Leese - J.A.M. McDonnell - K.R. Atkinson - B. Hathi - A. Hagermann
Titan surface mechanical properties from the SSP ACC–I record of the impact deceleration of the Huygens probe page 147

Z.J. Krysinski - J.C. Zarnecki - M.R. Leese - R.D. Lorenz - D.J. Parker - M. Bannister - M. Sandford - J. Delderfield - P. Daniell - H. Jolly
Technical aspects of Huygens SSP penetrometer design page 157

P.D. Church - A. Davies - R.F. Scott
Methodology for survivability and design of high speed penetrometers page 173

S. Burnage
Design and testing of kinetic energy penetrators page 187

R.A. Gowen - A. Smith - A.J. Coates - I.A. Crawford - R.F. Scott - P.D. Church - Y. Gao - W.T. Pike - J. Flanagan
Development of kinetic penetrators for exploration of airless solar system bodies page 207

H. Shiraishi - K. Suzuki - S. Tanaka - M. Hayakawa - A. Fujimura - H. Mizutani
Dynamical characteristics of a planetary penetrator page 217

E.M. Galimov - V.A. Veldanov - O.B. Khavroshkin
Cosmogonic research — Change of the paradigm: the high velocity penetrator page 233

Index of contributing Authors page 251