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Michael Alram - Deborah Klimburg-Salter - Minoru Inaba - Matthias Pfisterer

Coins, Art and Chronology II

Denkschriften der philosophisch-historischen Klasse
412. Band
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-6885-0 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-7027-3
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Preliminaries 1

Contents 5

Foreword 9

Michael Alram - Matthias Pfisterer
Alkhan and Hephthalite Coinage 13

Deborah Klimburg-Salter
Cultural Mobility, a Case Study: the Crowned Buddha of the Kabul Shāh 39

Carlo G. Cereti
´Xiiaona- and Xyôn in Zoroastrian Texts 59

Harry Falk
Names and Titles from Kuṣāṇa Τimes to the Hūṇas 73

Joe Cribb
The Kidarites, the Numismatic Evidence. With an Analytical Appendix by A. Oddy 91

Elizabeth Errington
Differences in the Patterns of Kidarite and Alkhon Coin Distribution at Begram and Kashmir Smast 147

Klaus Vondrovec
Coinage of the Nezak 169

Minoru Inaba
Nezak in Chinese Sources 191

Nicholas Sims-Williams
Two Late Bactrian Documents 203

Étienne de la Vaissière
The Last Bactrian Kings 213

Rika Gyselen
Umayyad’ Zāvulistān and Arachosia: Copper Coinage and the Sasanian Monetary Heritage 219

Judith A. Lerner
Observations on the Typology and Style of Seals and Sealings from Bactria and Greater Gandhāra 245

Frantz Grenet
A View from Samarkand: The Chionite and Kidarite Periods in the Archaeology of Sogdiana 267

Shoshin Kuwayama
Between Begram I and III. A Blank Period in the History of Kāpiśī 283

Kurt A. Behrendt
Fasting Buddhas, Ascetic Forest Monks, and the Rise of the Esoteric Tradition 299

Pia Brancaccio
The Pottery from Bajaur: A Window into the Late Gandharan Tradition 329

Giovanni Verardi
Issues in the Excavation, Chronology and Monuments of Tapa Sardar 341

Luca Maria Olivieri
Late Historic Cultural Landscape in Swat. New Data for a Tentative Historical Reassessment 357

Pierfrancesco Callieri
Bīr-koṭ-ghwaṇḍai in the Post-Kushan Period 371

Anna Filigenzi
Post-Gandharan / Non-Gandharan: An Archaeological Inquiry into a Still Nameless Period 389

Anna Filigenzi
The Shahi Period: Archaeological and Art Historical Evidence from North-West Pakistan 407

Ciro lo Muzio
Archaeological Traces of Early Turks in Transoxiana 429

Minoru Inaba
From Kesar the Kābulšāh and Central Asia 443

Erika Forte
Khotan in the Last Quarter of the First Millennium: Is there Artistic Evidence of the Interrelations between Khotan and Tibet? A Preliminary Survey 457