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Michael Breger

Communications in Asteroseismology 161

ISSN: 1021-2043 ISSN Online: 1021-2043
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-6915-4 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-6927-7
Subject Area: Mathematics, Physics and Space Research
refereed - online - print

Michael Breger
Coverpages and Introductory Remarks
doi: 10.1553/cia161

Michael Breger
Table of Contents
doi: 10.1553/cia161

T.R. Bedding - H. Kjeldsen
Scaled oscillation frequencies and ├ęchelle diagrams as a tool for comparative asteroseismology page 3
doi: 10.1553/cia161s3

D. Sinachopoulos - P. Gavras - Chr. Ducourant
Photometric observations and frequency analysis of the δ Scuti star IP UMa page 17
doi: 10.1553/cia161s17

G.J. Conidis - K.D. Gazeas - C.C. Capobianco - W. Ogloza
Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of the δ Scuti Stars FH Cam, CU CVn and CC Lyn page 23
doi: 10.1553/cia161s23

T.R. White - B.J. Brewer - T.R. Bedding - D. Stello - H. Kjeldsen
A comparison of Bayesian and Fourier methods for frequency determination in asteroseismology page 39
doi: 10.1553/cia161s39

K. Sokolovsky - C. Maceroni - M. Hareter - C. Damiani - L. Balaguer-N├║ñez
A new eclipsing binary system with a pulsating component detected by CoRoT page 55
doi: 10.1553/cia161s55