Stefano Cipolla - Michela Redivo-Zaglia - Francesco Tudisco
Shifted and extrapolated power methods for tensor $\ell^p$-eigenpairs page 1
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Giovanni Barbarino - Carlo Garoni - Stefano Serra-Capizzano
Block generalized locally Toeplitz sequences: theory and applications in the unidimensional case page 28
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s28
(Abstract) (PDF)

Giovanni Barbarino - Carlo Garoni - Stefano Serra-Capizzano
Block generalized locally Toeplitz sequences: theory and applications in the multidimensional case page 113
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s113
(Abstract) (PDF)

Stefan Kindermann - Kemal Raik
A simplified L-curve method as error estimator page 217
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s217
(Abstract) (PDF)

Robert Nasdala - Daniel Potts
Transformed rank-1 lattices for high-dimensional approximation page 239
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s239
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alessandro Buccini - Marco Donatelli
A multigrid frame based method for image deblurring page 283
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s283
(Abstract) (PDF)

Bernd Hofmann - Robert Plato
Convergence results and low-order rates for nonlinear Tikhonov regularization with oversmoothing penalty term page 313
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s313
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alessandro Lanza - Monica Pragliola - Fiorella Sgallari
Residual whiteness principle for parameter-free image restoration page 329
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s329
(Abstract) (PDF)

D. Lj. Djukić - R. M. Mutavdžić Djukić - A. V. Pejčev - M. M. Spalević
Error estimates of Gaussian-type quadrature formulae for analytic functions on ellipses-a survey of recent results page 352
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s352
(Abstract) (PDF)

Mei-Heng Yueh - Hsiao-Han Huang - Tiexiang Li - Wen-Wei Lin - Shing-Tung Yau
Optimized surface parameterizations with applications to Chinese virtual broadcasting page 383
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s383
(Abstract) (PDF)

Valentina De Simone - Daniela di Serafino - Marco Viola
A subspace-accelerated split Bregman method for sparse data recovery with joint $\ell_1$-type regularizers page 406
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s406
(Abstract) (PDF)

Ramón Orive - Juan C. Santos-León - Miodrag M. Spalević
Cubature formulae for the Gaussian weight. Some old and new rules. page 426
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s426
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michele Benzi - Paraskevi Fika - Marilena Mitrouli
Performance and stability of direct methods for computing generalized inverses of the graph Laplacian page 439
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s439
(Abstract) (PDF)

Federica Pes - Giuseppe Rodriguez
The minimal-norm Gauss-Newton method and some of its regularized variants page 459
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s459
(Abstract) (PDF)

Damiana Lazzaro - Serena Morigi
Matrix completion for matrices with low-rank displacement page 481
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s481
(Abstract) (PDF)

Massimiliano Fasi - Bruno Iannazzo
Substitution algorithms for rational matrix equations page 500
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s500
(Abstract) (PDF)

Marlis Hochbruck - Jan Leibold
Finite element discretization of semilinear acoustic wave equations with kinetic boundary conditions page 522
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s522
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andreas Frommer - Brigit Jacob - Kartsen Kahl - Christian Wyss - Ian Zwaan
Krylov type methods for linear systems exploiting properties of the quadratic numerical range page 541
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s541
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alexander Heinlein - Axel Klawonn - Martin Lanser - Janine Weber
A frugal FETI-DP and BDDC coarse space for heterogeneous problems page 562
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol53s562
(Abstract) (PDF)