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Isogeometric analysis for singularly perturbed problems in 1-D: error estimates page 1
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A block J-Lanczos method for Hamiltonian matrices page 26
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Coarse spaces for FETI-DP and BDDC Methods for heterogeneous problems: connections of deflation and a generalized transformation-of-basis approach page 43
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Leap-frog method for stochastic functional wave equations page 77
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The swallowtail integral in the highly oscillatory region II page 88
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An empirical study of transboundary air pollution of the Beijing-Tianjin region page 100
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Fractional Hermite interpolation for non-smooth functions page 113
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Vassilis Kalantzis
A spectral Newton-Schur algorithm for the solution of symmetric generalized eigenvalue problems page 132
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Olaf Steinbach - Marco Zank
Coercive space-time finite element methods for initial boundary value problems page 154
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Manuel Bello-Hernández
Incomplete beta polynomials page 195
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The series expansions and Gauss-Legendre rule for computing arbitrary derivatives of the Beta-type functions page 203
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ADMM-Softmax: an ADMM approach for multinomial logistic regression page 214
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Ramiro Acevedo - Edgardo Alvarez - Paulo Navia
A boundary and finite element coupling for a magnetically nonlinear eddy current problem page 230
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Nadiia Derevianko - Jürgen Prestin
Approximation of Gaussians by spherical Gauss-Laguerre basis in the weighted Hilbert space page 249
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Asymptotic inversion of the binomial and negative binomial cumulative distribution functions page 270
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Pressure-robustness in quasi-optimal a priori estimates for the Stokes problem page 281
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S. H. Lui - Sarah Nataj
Chebyshev spectral collocation in space and time for the heat equation page 295
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Error analysis for regularized multidimensional sampling expansions page 320
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Yves Coudière - Charlie Douanla Lontsi - Charles Pierre
Rush-Larsen time-stepping methods of high order for stiff problems in cardiac electrophysiology page 342
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Siegfried M. Rump
On recurrences converging to the wrong limit in finite precision and some new examples page 358
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Perturbation analysis on matrix pencils for two specified eigenpairs of a semisimple eigenvalue with multiplicity two page 370
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Chien-Hong Cho - Hisashi Okamoto
Finite difference schemes for an axisymmetric nonlinear heat equation with blow-up page 391
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Khadijeh Nedaiasl
Approximation of weakly singular integral equations by sinc projection methods page 416
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Antti Koskela - Hermann Mena
Analysis of Krylov subspace approximation to large-scale differential Riccati equations page 431
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Tomás P. Barrios - Rommel Bustinza
An a-priori error analysis for discontinuous Lagrangian finite elements applied to nonconforming dual-mixed formulations: Poisson and Stokes problems page 455
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol52s455
(Abstract) (PDF)

Daan Camps - Thomas Mach - Raf Vandebril - David S. Watkins
On pole-swapping algorithms for the eigenvalue problem page 480
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol52s480
(Abstract) (PDF)

Stanislav Mazurenko - Jyrki Jauhiainen - Tuomo Valkonen
Primal-dual block-proximal splitting for a class of non-convex problems page 509
doi: 10.1553/etna_vol52s509
(Abstract) (PDF)

Xuemin Tu - Bin Wang - Jinjin Zhang
Analysis of BDDC algorithms for Stokes problems with hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin discretizations page 553
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(Abstract) (PDF)

Siegfried M. Rump
Addendum to “On recurrences converging to the wrong limit in finite precision and some new examples” page 571
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(Abstract) (PDF)

L. Shangerganesh - J. Manimaran
Mathematical and numerical analysis of an acid-mediated cancer invasion model with nonlinear diffusion page 576
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(Abstract) (PDF)